In Bergagården beautiful main building has Spiskupan resturang, cafeteria and rooms for conferences and parties .

Spiskupan uses only Swedish meat raw material.
All beef, pork and poultry that are included as raw material in our food dishes are of Swedish origin , raised and cutting-up in Sweden.

Now there are products from Brunneby Musteri to buy on the Spiskupan .

Afternoon Tea

You can book any day and time , if you are a party of at least 15 people for 199 : - / person. If you are a party of over 25 people it costs 149: - / person.

Opened !

All day clock, 11:00a.m to 4:00p.m

(Beginning in June - August clock . 11:00a.m-18:00p.m.)

Food is served each day between the clock. 11:30a.m to 2:30p.m.